Becoming a Writer

Do you have a writer hiding inside you? What story do you have to tell? A children’s book? A mystery? A mystical fantasy story of wizards and kingdoms? We all have such untapped potential for success, so isn’t it time to test the waters? I know that I have always enjoyed writing and poetry. I have little books with notes and outlines of story. If you have a dream, a desire to become a writer, well I believe now is the time to grab your pen, pencil, computer, laptop or iPad and get going. The world awaits what you have to say. Tell them!

I, personally, have so many ideas that I do not know where to begin. I do know this.

  • I want to write a children’s book with my sketching/artwork
  • I want to write a short story (I was told it can be up to 3,000 words but I’m not finished investing that)
  • I desire to write a paranormal story. Not a full length novel, but close
  • I toy with an autobiography but that is stain the question mark table

Of course there are so many other topics that may interest you:

  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Town and country living
  • DIY
  • Auto repairs manual or a how-to for the modern age
  • Painting or sculpting instructions
  • Financial advice for the busy person. Tips and tricks for helping to budget money in a crunch time of life

Oh I do not believe I even scratched the surface. It’s exciting to me that I will begin these kinds of projects.

I decided to use a platform from Amazon called kdp. It helps with everything in putting together your book. That’s what I’ll be using once I finish and I’m ready for my story to be imported into their platform.

For now I am using my Microsoft Word to type away and my sketch book for its pictures. It’s exciting. I am starting with a children’s book, preferably for kindergarten students. I want to contribute to positivity and helping to encourage self esteem and confidence.

If you are interested in reading an excerpt from my first draft, please let me know. I would love some constructive criticism. That is how I learn. I welcome thoughts if you are interested.

If you have something to say, by all means please say it. If you look at bookstores these days, whether in store or online, what do you see? I see an overwhelming saturation of political books. They have their place, but there is room for so much more.

Besides the joy of expression, using the Amazon kdp platform also points your book to be sold in Amazon. Depending on sales and success, both parties win financially. How wonderful is that? I love the idea of revenue sharing.

What is your idea of writing a great story?

Just do it! J.K. Rowling wrote in her car (I think) the Harry Potter story and now look. It is so powerful and possible. Everyone has the chance to be the next Rowling.

Get going as I am. You’ll never know until you try! And smile as you do it.

Besides the pleasure of writing and creating, it is a powerful outlet to calm my anxieties and give my depression a distraction. I love that. I am hoping that with diligence and commitment my anxiety and depression can be better managed with beautiful projects like writing. And if you can get paid as well, well I’m all for that.

So, today’s picture is an artsy doodle. Strange but doodling helps me gather ideas, characters, locations, etc… So doodle away if you must. It is well worth it!

Cheers to future writers out there! You can do it!



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